2007 Randy Breshears Summer Pasture Walk


Bob Howe, NRCS District Conservationist, and Roger Ankrom, District Technician, handling the chef’s responsibilities. They did a wonderful job on the rib-eye steaks.
The food line seems to make everyone happy.
Even though the temperature is 105 degrees, about 30 people come to learn the advantages of using warm season grasses in a grazing system.
Our hosts for the pasture walk were Randy and Janis Breshears. Here Randy explains the improvements he has made to their operation. Grandaughter, Amanda, lower right, enjoys the activities as well.
Even Randy’s cows wanted to take part in the information. Notice the difference between the side that has been grazed compared to what will be grazed.
Bob explains some of the finer points of managing warm season grasses to Jim Hamilton, Bolivar Herald Free Press Reporter.
Abby Inglis, FSA Program Technician, and Cathy Roweton enjoyed seeing the possibilities of using warm season grasses.
Richard McConnell, Hominy Creek SALT Manager, talks to Jr, Cathy Roweton and Ben Gorden about Yellow Nutsedge.
A beautiful sunset to end another wonderful summer day.