2013 Dallas Co. Stockpile Demonstration Day

We all enjoyed chili and soup before we got down to business. This helped us handle the cold and snowflurries while we learned from the presentation. 24 people braved the elements to learn from the best.
Myron Hartzell, Natural Resources Conservation Service, instructs attendees on the benefits of using polywire as a temporary fence while strip grazing.
Landowner Howard Miller shares his many years of grazing experience and using stockpiled fescue as a winter forage with the group.

Tony Rosen, Dallas Co. SWCD Techinican, shares attaching polywire “his way” with the group.
The blue line shows where the fence had been set up before the move. Notice cows eager to move onto the newly allocated stockpiled forage.
Howard demonstrates his low input feeding of grain to some of his feeder calves. Thanks to Howard for all his good and useable ideas shared with the group.