Forest Debris Grinding Demonstration

Skip Mourglia, Forester with USDA working out of the Southwest Missouri Resource Conservation & Development office in Republic, MO, gives a short introduction to the forest grinding practice. She explains the benefits, costs and expected results to the attendees.
The machine demonstrated today was the Fecon 140 horsepower model. It is owned and operated by Skidsteer Plus Landclearing, Highlandville, MO. Their website is
Here is the machine in action. The owner says he can grind, on average, two to three acres per hour.
Some of the attendees wait as the operator prepares to demonstrate the debris grinder.


After the grinder has gone through the timber.

Here is the detail of the leading edge of the grinder.
Dick Henderson, Forest Debris Grinding Promoter, and Rita Meuller, Resource Conservatiion and Development Coordinator, talk about the advantages of debris grinding fallen timber to get quick breakdown of organic materials.

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