2005 Fair Play Elementary Water Festival


Fair Play elementary students enjoy a day at the Water Festival

Richard McConnell passed out Water Festival buttons.

Four presenters hard at work surrounded by students.

Deanna Casebeer, Education Specialist, Polk County SWCD demonstrates how surface tension of water will float paper clips.
Stan Sechler, Private Lands Conservationist with the Missouri Department of Conservation demonstrates the Stream Table. They are comparing the Stream Table effects with the actual flow of Bear Creek.
Sandra Zanaboni, Polk County Health Department and her son Brantley team up to host the Environmental Jeopardy Game.
Teams discuss their answers to environmental questions.


Matt Keener, Projects Coordinator, Watershed Committee of the Ozarks, discusses the tests used to determine bacterial counts in water samples.

Matt talks about the classes of macroinvertibrates found in Missouri streams.


Matt uses a collection of macroinvertibrates to inform students of thier importance.