2009 Fencing Demonstration Field Day at Jerry Grant’s Farm

On May 8th, two brave souls weathered the storms to come to the fencing demonstration held at Jerry Grant’s Farm near Rock Prairie. This event was
jointly sponsored by the Polk County SWCD, O’Bannon Bank and the Bolivar NRCS.

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This was the view we had out the north window of Jerry’s shop during the worst of the storm. I might add the shop held up very well to the 80+mph winds. We were all glad that we had survived.



After the storm ended we began demonstrating the proper techniques involved with tying and installing high tensile electric fencing.
A good grounding system for an electric fence is a must. Here you can see how Richard is doubling the wire so that the ground wire tied to the three ground rods is one continuous wire.



Bob Howe, NRCS District Conservationist, shows how to install an insulator and strainer. Notice that he has gone through the strainer twice in order to make better contact.



Using a one piece standoff we have maximum strength by placing the standoff as close to the post as possible. Installing standoffs with one leg on one side of the post and the other leg on the opposite side of the post is much better than placing standoffs on fencing between posts.


Properly installed lightening protection is very important for the protection of the energizer, a major investment worth protecting.
Justin Sissel, Missouri State University, gets hands-on experience tying high tensile wire. He does a great job!

Richard McConnell, Polk Co. SWCD shows one method of tying a loop for a gate handle hook-up.

We hope that we helped Jerry and his son Payne Grant along with the other attendees who braved the storm to take part of the demonstration.

We would like to thank Jerry Grant for hosting this field day and O’Bannon Bank and Josh Norton for bringing and cooking our lunches. After the stormy start, it turned into a wonderful day.