2007 Mike McCracken Summer Pasture Walk


Roger Ankrom, Polk Co.District Technician and Myron Hartzell, NRCS Grassland Specialist, handle the cooking responsibilities. They did a wonderful job on the rib-eye steaks.
Richard McConnell demonstrates how to use a fault finder to find problems in an electric fence.
Gary Duncan, PowerFlex Fence Systems, assisted Richard explaining how to fault the fence then use the fault finder to find the fault.
The attendees listen as Mike McCracken, our host, details the conservation improvements he has made to his farm.
Mike and Richard talk about the advantages of using warm season grasses in the grazing system.
Mike and Richard answer questions the attendees have about Red River Crabgrass.
Mike explains the advantages to wildlife and the stream he has seen since installing his CRP buffer strips.
Richard McConnell, Bear Creek SALT Manager, talks to the group about crabgrass.
We finish by answering questions and looking at the 35 acres of Red River Crabgrass Mike has planted.