2009 Pasture Walk – Feeding Out Stockpiled Fescue

On January 17, about 15 cooperators met at Charles and Barbara Dobson’s Farm for a workshop on
feeding out stockpile fescue. This event was
jointly sponsored by the Polk County SWCD and the Bolivar NRCS.

Bob Howe, NRCS District Conservationist, talks with 15 attendees about the value of stockpiling fescue for winter grazing.

Charles Dobson, owner, prepares to move the herd to a new strip of grass to demonstrate how easy this can be. Also, note the grazing height of the recently grazed strip.

Charles allows the herd to pass by him in an orderly fashion which allows him to look at and count the animals. Moving animals in this fashion improves the way animals will handle later in the corral. This is one of the many side benefits of stockpile grazing.

This picture contrast the differences between the grazed and ungrazed areas of the pasture. Notice also the even distribution of manure as opposed to feeding hay in bale rings and having all manure concentrated in one place.

Charles has designed and fabricated this movable four wheeled mineral feeder and rubber. Good job Charles!
Richard McConnell, Polk County Soil & Water Conservation District, answers question and discusses grazing techniques with the attendees.

This picture shows both the last fence setting as well as the new.

Happy Cows!

A special thank you goes out to Charles and Barbara Dobson for hosting this field day.