2008 Hominy Creek Water Festival

Hominy Creek Water Festival 2008

Halfway elementary students enjoy a day at the Water Festival

Richard McConnell passed out Water Festival buttons.

Matt Keener, Watershed Committee of the Ozarks hard at work surrounded by students.

Kyle Hedges, Wildlife Biologist, with Mo. Dept. of Conservation instructs on the importance of controling furbearer numbers.
Stan Sechler, Private Lands Conservationist with the Missouri Department of Conservation and Tony Rosen, Dallas Co. SWCD Technician demonstrate the Stream Table. They are comparing the Stream Table effects with the actual flow of Hominy Creek.
Ann Theisan, Dallas Co. Info-Ed Coordinator talks with students about the importance of conserving water.
Sandra Zanaboni, Polk Co. Health Department talks about the dangers of ticks, mosquitoes and unprotected skin in the sun. Students race to suit-up and undress, a team sport.


Matt Keener, Projects Coordinator, Watershed Committee of the Ozarks, along with coworkers Kyle and Christa explain to students the aquatic insects found in Hominy Creek. Many of the aquaitc insects found Hominy Creek are indicators of a healthy stream.

Christa and Kyle gather macroinvertibrates for display.


Matt, Kyle and Christa show macroinvertibrates and inform students of their importance.