Polk/Dallas Grazing School Field Day

What a great grazing school group. The field day began at 9:00 AM at Richard and Tina McConnell’s Farm.
Curtis Gooch, Resource Conservationist, with NRCS, started off explaining the many options we have for watering livestock.
Myron Hartzell, Resource Conservationist, NRCS, demonstrated one method of using a floating corner brace for a high tensile electric fence.

Richard McConnell, SALT Project Manager, Polk Co SWCD, demonstrates tying HT electric wire and using a floating brace on wood posts. Here we discussed hooking up a cut off switch.
Richard shows a Super Bowl, frost free plastic waterer installed in 2000.
Our calves appear to be enjoying our guest too.

2011 Soil & Water District Biennial Banquet

Richard Dunlap, Louisburg, MO cowboy poet and singer, entertains a good crowd at the Polk Co. SWCD Biennial Banquet and Election.
Richard did an excellent job of entaining the crowd with poems and songs.
Kathy Roweton, Poster Contest Coordinator, Polk Co. SWCD displays this years excellent art work done by students and teachers in Polk County.
Kathy Roweton, Poster Contest Coordinator and Vicky Fieth, Polk Co. SWCD Office Manager, pass out monetary gifts to deserving students.

All the proud poster contest award winners.

2010 Training Conference Award Recipients


Cheyenne Williams, First Grade, Bolivar received first place in the k – 1 category.

Congratulations on a job well done!


Jerry Duff, Dallas Co SWCD Board President, received the 2010 State Supervisor of the Year Award at the State Training Conference held at Tan-Tar-A in Osage Beach, MO November 30.

Grassland Evaluation Team Award

The Grassland Evaluation
Team from Pleasant Hope FFA Chapter is shown here receiving their Missouri State Grassland Evaluation award from George Engelbach, Area 5 MASWCD Director, Hillsboro, MO.

L-R: Jeff Voris, Advisor, Kyle Francka, Ben Ferrell, Matt Brown, Brady Gifford and Ben Gorden, Area 6 Director, Missouri Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts.

Polk Co. SWCD is proud of the accomplishments of the Pleasant Hope Grassland Team.

Pasture Walk: Feeding Out Stockpiled Fescue

On January 17, about 15 cooperators met at Charles and Barbara Dobson’s Farm for a workshop on
feeding out stockpile fescue. This event was
jointly sponsored by the Polk County SWCD and the Bolivar NRCS.

Bob Howe, NRCS District Conservationist, talks with 15 attendees about the value of stockpiling fescue for winter grazing.

Charles Dobson, owner, prepares to move the herd to a new strip of grass to demonstrate how easy this can be. Also, note the grazing height of the recently grazed strip.

Charles allows the herd to pass by him in an orderly fashion which allows him to look at and count the animals. Moving animals in this fashion improves the way animals will handle later in the corral. This is one of the many side benefits of stockpile grazing.

This picture contrast the differences between the grazed and ungrazed areas of the pasture. Notice also the even distribution of manure as opposed to feeding hay in bale rings and having all manure concentrated in one place.

Charles has designed and fabricated this movable four wheeled mineral feeder and rubber. Good job Charles!
Richard McConnell, Polk County Soil & Water Conservation District, answers question and discusses grazing techniques with the attendees.

This picture shows both the last fence setting as well as the new.


Happy Cows!

A special thank you goes out to Charles and Barbara Dobson for hosting this field day.


2008 Training Conference Award Recipients

Amanda Martinsen received the 1st place State Poster in the 10th through 12th grade category. Amanda is a student at Marion C. Early School in Morrisville.

Ron Locke was presented with the 2008 Missouri State Grassland Farmer of the Year Award by the Missouri Association of Soil and Water Conservation Districts. Ron is a perfect example of what can be accomplished with proper pasture/resource management. Through the use of rotational grazing management Ron has been able to increase plant diversity, forage yield and carrying capacity. He has protected streams and ponds from overuse from livestock as well as improving water quality. One of Ron’s main objectives is to be a year around grazer. To do this Ron stockpiles fescue and strip grazes pastures for the majority of the winter. Ron also sees many advantages to eradicating endophyte infected fescue and replacing it with endophyte “friendly” fescue species. Congratulations to Ron on a job well done.
Vicky Fieth, Polk County SWCD District Manager, received her award for 25 Years of Dedicated Service.

Hominy Creek Water Festival 2008

Hominy Creek Water Festival 2008

Halfway elementary students enjoy a day at the Water Festival

Richard McConnell passed out Water Festival buttons.

Matt Keener, Watershed Committee of the Ozarks hard at work surrounded by students.

Kyle Hedges, Wildlife Biologist, with Mo. Dept. of Conservation instructs on the importance of controling furbearer numbers.
Stan Sechler, Private Lands Conservationist with the Missouri Department of Conservation and Tony Rosen, Dallas Co. SWCD Technician demonstrate the Stream Table. They are comparing the Stream Table effects with the actual flow of Hominy Creek.

Ann Theisan, Dallas Co. Info-Ed Coordinator talks with students about the importance of conserving water.

Sandra Zanaboni, Polk Co. Health Department talks about the dangers of ticks, mosquitoes and unprotected skin in the sun. Students race to suit-up and undress, a team sport.


Matt Keener, Projects Coordinator, Watershed Committee of the Ozarks, along with coworkers Kyle and Christa explain to students the aquatic insects found in Hominy Creek. Many of the aquaitc insects found Hominy Creek are indicators of a healthy stream.

Christa and Kyle gather macroinvertibrates for display.


Matt, Kyle and Christa show macroinvertibrates and inform students of their importance.


USDA-NRCS Area Four Awards Recipients

Gorman Bennett, NRCS Resource Conservationist, served as MC for the awards presentation held in Springfield, Missouri on January 16, 2008.
Roger Hansen, NRCS Missouri State Conservationist, discussed the current budget situation as well as the challenges we faced in 2007.
Monty Hawks, Area 4 NRCS Area Conservationist, updated the group on the 2008 budget challenges and the job well done by NRCS and SWCD employees.
Don Lucetta, from Congressman Roy Blunt’s Office, remarked on the current Farm Bill and Conservation.
Jerry Duff, Chairman of the Dallas County SWCD Board and member of the Southwest RC & D Council, receives his award for Outstanding Achievement.
Richard McConnell, Polk Co. SWCD Project Manager, receives his award for 10 years of service.
Debbie Henderson, Dallas County SWCD Office Manager, receives her award for 30 Years of Service from Roger Hansen.
Vicky Fieth, Polk Co. SWCD Office Manager, awards Roger Ankrom, District Technician, a Token of Appreciation for a job well done.
Tony Rosen, Dallas Co. SWCD District Technician, receives a Token of Appreciation Award from Gorman Bennett for a job well done.
Matt Hale, Dallas Co. SWCD Project Manager, Ann Thiesen, Dallas Co. Info Ed Coordinator and Tony Rosen, Dallas Co. SWCD District Technician, each received a Token of Appreciation for a job well done.
Members of the Dallas/Polk Co. Field Office Service Area, are shown with Roger Hansen after receiving an Extra Effort Award.

Mike McCracken Summer Pasture Walk

Roger Ankrom, Polk Co.District Technician and Myron Hartzell, NRCS Grassland Specialist, handle the cooking responsibilities. They did a wonderful job on the rib-eye steaks.
Richard McConnell demonstrates how to use a fault finder to find problems in an electric fence.
Gary Duncan, PowerFlex Fence Systems, assisted Richard explaining how to fault the fence then use the fault finder to find the fault.
The attendees listen as Mike McCracken, our host, details the conservation improvements he has made to his farm.

Mike and Richard talk about the advantages of using warm season grasses in the grazing system.

Mike and Richard answer questions the attendees have about Red River Crabgrass.
Mike explains the advantages to wildlife and the stream he has seen since installing his CRP buffer strips.
Richard McConnell, Bear Creek SALT Manager, talks to the group about crabgrass.
We finish by answering questions and looking at the 35 acres of Red River Crabgrass Mike has planted.

2007 Landowner Appreciation Dinner

May 11, 2007, Farm Service Agency, Farm Credit Services, and Polk County Soil & Water Conservation District were host for the landowner appreciation dinner. The weather was excellent for the event which served 186 area landowners.
The Polk County Cattlemen’s cooks take a break between the waves of landowners who came to enjoy a rib-eye sandwich with all the trimmings. The cattlemen served from 11 AM through 2 PM. We appreciate their effort.
More attendees enjoying lunch and visiting.
The cattlemen came fully equiped with food and tools to cook a great sandwich.
Cindy Scott (left) and Cathy McNatt award door prizes for the attendees.